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  Methanol, also known as hydroxymethane, is an organic compound and toxic。It is the simplest saturated mono alcohol。The chemical form was ₄ CH3OH/CH₄O. CH₃OH was a simplified form that accentuates the hydroxyl group of methanol. The CAS number was 67-56-1 and the molecular weight was 32.04, the boiling point is 64.7℃。Because it was first found in dry-distilled wood, it is also called "wood alcohol" or "wood essence".。The lowest dose of oral intoxication in humans is about 100mg/kg body weight, and oral ingestion is 0.3 ~ 1g/kg can be fatal。It is used in the manufacture of formaldehyde and pesticides, and is used as an extractant of organic matter and a denaturant of alcohol。The finished product is usually produced by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen gas。

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