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And Ning company discipline committee held a collective clean talk before the overhaul

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In order to further consolidate the ideological defense line of the participants in the overhaul of the equipment against corruption and change, and strengthen the awareness of clean employment of cadres, employees and contractors,8月25日,Lutianhua and Ning company discipline commission held a collective clean talk before the overhaul,Wang Min, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and chairman of the trade union,党委委员、副总经理陈懋金,Members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, responsible persons of relevant units and responsible persons of 15 outsourced contractors attended the meeting,The meeting was presided over by Yu Qiyong, member of the Commission for Discipline Inspection。

At the meeting, all units reported the preparation of the company's overhaul work and signed the "Honesty and self-discipline commitment".。

Wang Min fully affirmed the early overhaul preparation work of each unit, pointing out that the overhaul work is an offensive battle, but also a battle"War on corruption",And put forward three requirements for the upcoming overhaul work: First, the company always uphold the attitude of service to carry out work,All units must strictly abide by Party discipline and state laws,System process,Combined with the company overhaul integrity reminder content,Strengthen the project acceptance, project settlement and other key links,Conscientiously perform their supervisory duties;The second is to combine the requirements of the company's discipline Inspection Commission's "2023 overhaul work plan",All units should further enhance their awareness of compliance with regulations and discipline,Implement the main responsibility,Put power in the cage of the system,Achieve "clean self-discipline, clean overhaul",发现“Get what you want"And other behavior at any time to report;Third, all cadres, employees and contractors should penetrate the risk prevention and control of integrity to the on-site maintenance work, ensure the quality and quantity of the overhaul project on schedule and efficiently complete the overhaul project, forge the overhaul project into a "clean project", and ensure the success of one-time device driving。(Zhao Jiwei)

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